About the Journal

Literary Cultures is an open-access journal written and edited twice yearly by undergraduates in English Literature at Nottingham Trent University. Literary Cultures launched with its first special issue in Winter 2017-18 and its second issue in Spring 2018. Each issue is a special issue with a theme; Winter issues include academic articles and reviews while Spring issues include creative non-fiction, feature articles, fiction, and reviews. Literary Cultures addresses all periods, contexts, and genres of literary work in English and in translation. All material published is written and edited by students enrolled on the Literary Cultures module. Articles from external contributors are not accepted for publication, but external requests for consultation or collaboration, press contact, and books to be considered for review in the journal may be sent to the journal using the contact details provided on the site. Each issue coincides with a literary event organised by students enrolled on the Literary Cultures module and visitors are welcome: please contact the journal for details of upcoming conferences and literary festivals.

All articles, editorials, and reviews remain copyright of the authors.

Literary Cultures is included in the LOCKSS archival system.