Social class and environment in the moral development of children in The Kite Runner


  • Niamh Maisie Gallagher Nottingham Trent University


Social class, moral development, children, Afghanistan


 This article focuses on the issues of social class in relation to the two protagonists' growth into adolescence. Set in Afghanistan The Kite Runner touches on the turmoil the country faces and shows the troubling effect it has on two children, which the essay will particularly focus on.  It will specifically determine whether social class and religion have a direct influence on their moral development. With both children from differing religions and social classes, their attitudes to life also differ. Comparisons are to be made over the children's reaction to specific events in the novel to examine whether this has aided or hindered their moral growth. It will directly focus on the children's attitudes and beliefs reflected towards each other to finally determine who has better moral development, the child from the superior religion and affluent background; or the child from the inferior religion with a much poorer background. This decision will be made through careful analysis of the text and secondary criticisms.