At war with a satellite

  • Iwan Hughes Nottingham Trent University


I am guilty to admit that my iPhone alerts me weekly that my screen time averages around six hours per day.  That is six hours a day where I am taking in visual media, most of which is nonsensical.  Scientifically, this most common of addictions can be traced to the release of dopamine whenever a person is on their phone.  It is incredibly pleasurable, but arguably incredibly self-limiting.  Neil Postman argues in his book 'Amusing Ourselves to Death' that as a society we are becoming obsessed with information that has no effect on our lives; he defines this as the 'Information Action Ratio'. So, next time you are in the park with your friends, stay off Instagram and appreciate the company and surroundings nearby. 

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Iwan Hughes, Nottingham Trent University


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