Comics in Canada


  • Katie Halls


This journal article adds to the main discussion of the journal, which is to highlight the different ways culture is represented in Canadian Literature, but mainly to answer the questions: What is Canadian Literature, and what does Canadian Literature entail?
This journal article specifically will explore the development and the values of comic books and graphic novels in Canada. It will draw upon the vast history of comics in Canadian Literature, specifically looking at when and how graphic novels started gaining popularity. It will also zoom in on the drawbacks and negatives that comics have faced in literature, such as the law that was introduced in 1948 which banned all comic books which depicted crime and violence.1
In the world of literature, comics have become more prevalent and are becoming more popular in recent years. Well-known Canadian authors like Margaret Atwood have included the use of graphic novels in their body of work, which is a testament to the advancement of comic books in Canadian Literature.
This article will draw upon scholarly articles such as, ‘Comics and Canadian Literature’ by Brenna Clarke Gray, as well as articles like, ‘Editorial Cartooning’ by The Herb Block Foundation, and ‘The Story Behind Canada’s first ever Comic Book’ by Justin Chandler.