Climate Fiction as a Means of Encouraging Conversations Regarding our Reasonability to Land


  • Rebecca Dick


Climate fiction brings the conversation of climate change to a wider audience, allowing for greater opportunities of personal growth. It creates deeper understanding and engagement with the topic of climate and strengths our sense of reasonability to land. It has been argued that cli-fic is not an effective way to create change (Ramuglia 157). However, it provides a safe space to think about climate change. This begins to mould the way that people understand their relationship and reasonability to land (Leavenworth & Manni, 739). It pushes people to consider the planets’ potential future and with an increased readership, the media is bringing more awareness about climate change to the general public (Ramuglia, 155). Studies conducted by Maria Lindgren Leavenworth, Annika Manni and Matthew Schneider-Mayerson examine the effects cli-fic has on the reader. Through an analysis of these effects climate fiction plays an integral role in generating conversations about climate change. In addition, it creates more awareness on the topic, thus leading to a future with the potential for change.