Can Cli-Fi Novels be Considered a Beneficial Tool in Urging People into Action Against Climate Change?


  • Rebecca Rees


This article aims to answer the question: Can cli-fi novels be considered a beneficial tool in urging people into action against climate change? It will reflect on two novels from the Cli-Fi genre: Implanted by Lauren C.Teffeau and War Girls by Tochi Onyebuchi.
Both novels engage with the disproportionate impact of climate change on the communities they represent. (Implanted focusses on an antagonist with a disability and War Girls on the Nigerian community.)
The article will discuss, using examples from the text, how the two authors combine both emotive language and vivid imagery in their literature to actively encourage readers to want to make a change and to warn them of the impending dangers of climate change and global warming.
The article will include quotes and statistics drawn from other academic sources to further back up the claim that cli-fi novels can indeed be considered a beneficial tool in urging people into action. It will also focus on the need to continue creating and sharing work from this genre in a bid to strengthen both; people's understanding of climate change and their willingness to act accordingly.