Are you keen to showcase your research and further develop your writing skills?  Then why not write for the Journal of Undergraduate Research at NTU.

 The University is developing an undergraduate journal called Journal of Undergraduate Research at NTU.  The journal aims to showcase the excellent research undertaken by undergraduate students across all disciplines at Nottingham Trent University.

Writing for the journal will:

1.       Showcase your research at a university wide level and externally to members of the public

2.       Build you an external profile, which will strengthen your CV and expand your employability opportunities

3.       Provide an opportunity for you to further consolidate your academic writing skills in a supportive environment

4.       Give you first-hand experience of the academic publication process based on blind peer review.

How will the process work?

1.       Author guidelines and possibly templates will be provided in the near future

2.       Your article will be blind peer reviewed and then you will hear whether you article has been accepted for publication and what revisions are required.

3.       You will receive supportive feedback from both the reviewers and editors on how to enhance the article. 

4.       Once the article is complete it will be formatted ready for publication.

5.       The first issue will be published in December 2017 or January 2018

So why not review research you’ve already undertaken to see whether you think it is suitable for publication in the journal?  In the meantime, keep an eye open for more information about the journal.